Roseanne Barr has gone from sitcom comedy to a reality show set on her Hawaiian macadamia nut farm – and her latest venture is running for president! The comedienne and activist announced Thursday via Twitter that she will be running as a Green Party presidential candidate for 2012. Barr’s platform heavily stresses ending the influence of corporate money on politics and elections.

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Barr made her interest in politics known over the past year as she appeared at countless Occupy events, and even joked on Jay Leno that she had an interest in running. The Green Party’s media coordinator, Scott McLarty, fully supports Barr’s intentions, stating that she is a strong candidate that supports the party’s beliefs.

Alongside Barr, medical doctor Jill Stein has also announced her candidacy. Stein, an environmental and health advocate, also previously ran for Massachusetts state representative and secretary of state under the Green-Rainbow Party. Out of eight interested in becoming candidates, the Green Party has so far only recognized Barr and Stein after filing with the Federal Election Commission.

The outspoken Barr’s ideas are pretty radical, and she definitely supports the 99% – she calls for the forgiving of student loans and other debt, plans to institute single-payer healthcare within 100 days of inauguration, and is even pro legalizing marijuana. Like the Green Party, she is extremely anti-war and interested in furthering environmental and green practices.

Although Barr anticipates Stein to nab the win, she intends to run until the convention in July. Despite whether Barr actually becomes a candidate or not, her celebrity and outspoken ways will surely move important issues like environmentalism, health care, and debt to the forefront of debate in a more outright way than political candidates have in the past.

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