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Rossignol is a leader in the snow sports industry, so they wanted their new headquarters to reflect their technology and manufacturing as well as their commitment to the outdoors. Hérault Arnod Architectes takes direct inspiration from the surrounding landscape, topography, and materials. A giant roof, which envelopes the whole project, is organic in form with undulations, peaks, valleys and slopes. Inside, the facilities provide space for the production of equipment, service rooms, offices for management, marketing, travel services, administrative and sales offices, R & D, design, and a “mountain restaurant”, which is similar to lodges at ski resorts.

The headquarters were constructed with a steel frame and then clad in wood (natural larch) and glass. The steel skeleton allows for large, open interior spaces, and skylights in the roof project natural daylight into the rooms. Designed to minimize its impact on the environment, the building maximizes energy use with efficient systems. The building is well-insulated to minimize energy loss, and the large timber roof protects the interior from solar heat gain. Office spaces are optimized for natural ventilation, and automatic windows open when conditions are right. Waste heat from the workshop is recovered and re-injected into the heating network.

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Images © André Morin, Christian Rausch, Herault Arnod and Gilles Cabella