Rolling over is a pretty common trick for dogs to do, but have you ever seen a building do it? Well, architecture firm 3DReid and luxury treehouse makers Blue Forest have teamed up to show you one that can. rotatED, their plan for a modular schoolhouse, can rotate onto any of its seven sides, making it a space that is totally adaptable to many different activities. It will also allow the inhabitants of the space to select sustainable add-ons like solar panels for their customized designs.

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Developed as an external learning building at the BSEC School Construction conference, rotatED consists of a base that can be flipped in many different ways. Judging from the images, it also looks like it’s possible to open up certain sides of the structure to create an outdoor/indoor environment. Because of the modular design of the building, students and teachers will also have the opportunity to select their own desired external finishes, doors and screens as well as eco-features like photovoltaic panels.

“The concept has been developed in response to feedback from pupils, staff and stakeholders seeking quality outdoor space that promotes healthy living, environmental awareness, social interaction and opportunities for personal development,” said Graham Edwards, divisional director at 3DReid. “The simplicity of this creative and flexible design enables pupils and staff to use and personalise the space in various ways to suit their needs. No two ‘rotatED’ will be the same.”

+ 3DReid

+ Blue Forest

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