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The digital renderings, material samples, mock ups and quotes in Rotor‘s ‘Behind the Green Door‘ exhibit focus on urban and rural designs, large-scale plans, subtle small-scale projects and surprising interventions.  Many projects displayed, such as the Solar Endesa Pavilion and Stefan Boeri‘s Vertical Forest, have been featured on Inhabitat in the past. Since the UN’s 1987 Brundtland Report defined the meaning of the term ‘Sustainable Development,’  large numbers of designers, planners, architects, engineers, activists and policy makers have brought forward diverse ideas to enable human life to move towards a better balance with nature.

The recent IPCC report shone the spotlight on the scale and importance of human behavior on climate change.  In light of the report, the ‘Behind the Green Door’ exhibition provides a timely review of the ways designers have sought to change the way we build and live. Shying away from lifestyle prescriptions or offering direct influences on behaviour, the extensive exhibition leaves the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions about the green building movement and sustainable architecture.

Behind the Green Door runs until December 1st at DogA, the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture.

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