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Roundles, h2 architecture from Logan MacDougall Pope on Vimeo.

The pool house’s design is decidedly minimalist with a muted, natural color palette evocative of the landscape that envelops it. The fin walls are constructed from a local limestone which can also be found at the base of the old farmhouse. For the garage elements and the shower room enclosure, cedar lends a bit of warmth. Guests will be delighted to see that the entire front of the home is a glass wall that opens directly up to the pool and the structure’s roof is also glass with protected by a slatted timber canopy. Long slotted windows in the space draw sunlight in from the south and allows for magnificent views of the surrounding fields.

Previously, the property relied on oil-fired water for its heating, but the system was recently revamped. The architects considered several alternative heating systems including bio-mass and ground source and finally decided on an air source heat pump. The pump unit provides heat for the swimming pool as well as the pool house.

While a green roof has not yet been implemented, the roof was specifically designed to accept planting, and the architect has proposed cutting sods from the adjoining field and growing them atop the pool house to blur the distinction between the built form and the surrounding landscape – an idea that we certainly hope comes to fruition!

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Photography and video by Logan MacDougall Pope