Today’s electric bikes represent a great alternative to traditional pedal-powered bikes, especially when you’re traversing a hill or on a hot summer day. The biggest drawback is the larger investment over a standard bike, not to mention the dilemma of what to do you do with your old pedal-powered bike once you’ve purchased an e-bike.Rubbee has created a unique and easy way to convert just about any traditional bike into an electric bike with a small motor that can be added above the rear wheel.

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Rubbee’s new electric drive mounts onto almost any bike in just a few seconds. With an integrated clamp mechanism, it can be mounted on a bike’s rear wheel in just a few seconds and the innovative drive motor with an integrated battery pack keeps you going without having to pedal for up to 18 miles. The Rubbee electric drive uses a motor that can produce a maximum of 800 watts of power and a 280 volt battery pack. The system has the ability to reach speeds up to 16 mph; it weighs only 13 pounds and can be fully recharged in two hours.

The London-based designers are currently trying to raise production funds with a Kickstarter campaign. If you pledge at least £799 ($1,226 US) or more you can get your hands on the first batch of electric drive units that will be available in November.

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