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Located on the coastline near Melbourne in southern Victoria, this home was designed to take in the view of the ocean through an old timber railway. Using this historic and industrial artifact, the home is built as though it had been there much longer than its recent construction. Anchored into the landscape, both the materials and design give the home weight, heft and a solid presence that cannot be affected by either the passage of time or weather. The home is built with rusted steel, weathered copper, natural grey masonry and aged timber that impart a sense of age, but will remain durable for many years to come.

The two-story block home is built along an east-west access and enjoys views of the ocean and works to block the sun from the south. This solar passive design minimizes heat gain and blocks prevailing winds while maximizing views and natural daylight. Louvered windows on the opposite sides of the home allow ocean breezes to flow through and passively cool the interior. The compact design and open floor plan minimize the home’s size and exterior living space expands its usability. A rooftop solar system generates power and rainwater collection stores water.

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