Anyone that’s ever tried to ride a bicycle through the sand or snow knows how easily standard tires are bogged down, making it a near impossible feat. But a new fleet of “fatbikes”, like Rungu’s new Juggernaut bike, have got that problem pegged. Equipped with large, soft tires, these bikes practically float over snow and sand.

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Rungu’s Juggernaut takes the concept of a “fatbike” even further since it features two 26-inch tires on the front to aid in stability. Born out of the need to transport surfboards across the sand, the Juggernaut features dual front wheels to help keep the bike and ride upright. The three-wheeled bike can also climb stairs with ease.

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The Juggernaut’s wide front tires make it perfect for the snow or beach, though its wide front tires will make it difficult to ride on single track trails. Because of this, Rungu also designed the Kilimanjaro, which is also a three-wheeled bike, but has skinnier front tires and a coil spring suspension that makes it more ideal for the road or dirt trails. The Rungu Juggernaut starts at $2,500, while the Kilimanjaro costs slightly more at $2,600.

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