News Corporation‘s owner Rupert Murdoch announced that his company has attained their goal of becoming carbon neutral. The company took a top to bottom account of its environmental impact and has achieved laudable victories, such as energy efficiency measures companywide and multiple green energy installations. The initiative  which was first laid out in 2007 has saved the company millions of dollars and help to address Mr. Murdoch’s concerns that “Climate change poses clear, catastrophic threats. We may not agree on the extent, but we certainly can’t afford the risk of inaction.”

In the announcement Mr. Murdoch lists a variety of company accomplishments like having their UK operations using 100% renewable energy, systematically integrating company-wide energy efficiency procedures like turning off PCs when not used, and lighting retrofits. These measures have saved the company millions of dollars with less than a 2 year payback he reports.

“The Company’s global data center consolidation strategy alone will save approximately $20M per year and reduce data center emissions by almost 15% when completed later in 2011,” Murdoch relays. The company is also addressing supply chain efficiencies by putting pressure on its partners and contractors to do their part.

Murdoch goes on to list the entertainment and news giant’s success in creating environmentally aware content, from Avatar’s distinct message about exploitation of the environment to the National Geographic Channels ongoing series to The Wall Street Journal’s fourth annual ECO:nomics Conference – the list of programming is impressive. He however did not mention his flagship Fox News Group which certainly seem to put the group’s anti-global warming claims well outside of New Corp’s philosophy.

While claiming to be carbon neutral also may be a bit premature News Corp is a leading company in its sector as measured by which gives the company a score of 69 compared to Disney with a score of 55, CBS’s score of 39 and Viacom’s dismal score of only 6. Only GE did better with 78 points.

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Via Huffington Post