Anybody’s who ever said that electric vehicles are only for the bright lights of a big city just got proven wrong by Pulaski, Tennessee — population 7,871. Local business Richland, LLC (with help from federal and state funds) just spent $180,000 on a solar parking lot with EV charging stations. Now that’s what we call a little town with big green dreams. Pulaski is just 74 miles due south of Nashville, Tennessee where the all-electric — and hotly anticipated — Nissan Leaf is set to debut this coming December.

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We wanted to show that a company and a community can be cutting-edge and forward thinking, while still enjoying the benefits of a rural community,” said Jim Greene P.E., President of Richland, LLC. “I invite everyone to come down and see what the future of modern parking lots will look like,” he added. The company believes they’ve got the first solar parking lot in the southeast — one thing we’re sure of is that it’s got the prettiest backdrop. The parking lot is located on Richland, LLC’s property but is open for public charging.

The parking lot is equipped to generate 20kW of electricity and can charge a total of four EVs. When not powering up no-emissions automobiles the solar parking lot will send its energy back into the grid — waste not want not! The hills of Tennessee have that kind of unadulterated beauty that make you want to save their pristine soft greenness so it makes sense that the people here would want to keep their environment clean. We applaud the forward thinking folks that put up this solar parking lot and the people of Tennessee for keeping their environmental habits as green as their rolling hills.

Via Autoblog Green