Not content with alienating most of the US’ young female population and a large chunk of his advertisers, controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh has targeted, yet again, the alternative energy industry. Well, not quite – he refuses to believe that the solar and wind industries even exist in the first place. Oh Rush…

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According to Grist, Limbaugh responded to a ThinkProgress Green post, which noted his role in the public bashing of the  Chevy Volt (according to him, GM is “trying to kill its customers”), Limbaugh said that “there is no solar energy business yet, there’s no wind energy – it’s just not there yet.”

That is quite a denial. After all, investment in clean energy is one of the driving forces of the current US economy. To quote Grist’s figures, “In 2010, global investment in wind, solar, and biomass energy hit $187 billion, exceeding the $157 billion spent on fossil fuel energy. U.S. solar installations more than doubled in 2011. U.S. wind power capacity represents more than 20 percent of the world’s installed wind power. Over 400 manufacturing facilities across the U.S. make components for wind turbines. In July 2011, the Brookings Institute found that the green energy sector has had “explosive job gains” since 2003.”

Not just that, but alternative energy is making a massive impact on the American military. So when Limbaugh says such an industry doesn’t exist, it is just another thing that he is wrong about. Unlike his current controversy, we not expecting a retraction any time soon.

Via Grist

Lead image: Gage Skidmore