Moscow-based Denis Milovanov is a Russian woodworker that crafts chunky solid wood seats out of sick, dead, or damaged trees that have naturally fallen. He believes that weak and wounded trees, ones that otherwise will be left outside to rot, are ripe with potential for making thoughtfully designed pieces. Milovanov mainly uses oak for his organic shaped furniture, exposing the trees’ unique cracks and textures by only using natural oil for a finish, and by using solid chunks of tree trunks, he cuts down on waste.

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This sculptural collection of salvaged wooden seats, stools, and fantastic rocking horses are truly one-of-a-kind. Because the pieces reflect the individual trees they come from, nobody else will have the same set of furniture at home. The round cocoon-like shapes provides the seats with a lot of character and a rustic feeling, perfect for curling up and reading a book. Far from being your average Ikea flat pack furniture, these chunky long-lasting pieces celebrate old oak exemplars, some reaching 250-300 years, extending even more their useful life.

+ Denis Milovanov

Photo © Denis Milovanov