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DMOA Architecten’s Corten House is a great case study in how it’s possible to use the same material both inside and outside of a building without creating a monotonous effect. The building is clad in a perforated metal plate with glazed openings, to which the architects welded the Corten lamellae to give the facade a more textured appearance. The steel dividers are also attached to the windows at uneven intervals to provide privacy and protection from the sun.

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The tall Corten dividers are continued in the landscape as fencing material, and are irregularly spaced to create visual interest. A large sheet of Corten steel is used as the gate of the garage. The waste materials from the perforated steel plates were also used to create a floor around a ginkgo tree in the outdoor patio. The vertical motif is mirrored in the interior, where thin wooden dividers are used.

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Images via DMOA Architecten