Rustic Elements is a start-up story that involves carefully-selected, limited and natural ingredients, a commitment to handmade attention and products that are nourishing for you as well as the environment

A set of Rustic Elements bar soap next to a natural loofah on a cutting board

Since deciding to delve into soap making as a hobby and gifting option in 2021, the brand has blossomed, now offering body soaps and a newly-released soap and sugar scrub gift set. Now available on Amazon and the company website, the Rustic Elements soap and sugar scrub gift set includes three wash bars, a sugar scrub, a loofah and a soap dish, each meticulously developed with natural materials in mind. The set is priced at less than $40 with free delivery for Prime members. 

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Three soap bars from Rustic Element in colors left to right: pink, yellow and black

All Rustic Elements products are vegan and avoid animal testing. The loofah is grown on a Texas farm. Meanwhile, the soap dish is made from recycled wood out of Oregon. Lastly, the body scrub relies on Fair Trade sugar. 

A white box with ingredients floating out of it including bars of soap

Additionally, the original soaps are also cruelty-free, chemical-free products made in the USA. Each recipe includes a handful of carefully-selected ingredients in order to offer optimal moisturizing cleansing without harmful parabens, phthalates, sulfates, chemicals and preservatives. They also avoid all chemicals, preservatives and artificial scents. 

A white Rustic Elements box with bars of soap displayed in front of it

“We saw a need in the market for minimalist products that contain only the fewest natural ingredients we could make them with,” said Cofounder Tom Price. “We are proud to offer our customers a line of products that are simply made and healthy instead of products packed with chemicals.”

A cream-colored bar of soap

Price explained the process began when he and his fiancé were looking for a winter hobby. Without any prior understanding of soap-making, they created a batch of Original Lavender with a few basic supplies and even fewer ingredients. After discovering the toxins most companies were adding to their products, the duo dedicated themselves to a minimalist body care line, and Rustic Elements was born. 

A black bar of soap

In addition to the soap and sugar scrub gift box, the company offers soap scents that currently include Invigorating Orange and Hibiscus, Radiant Rose, Cleansing Charcoal and Original Lavender.  

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