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The new branching offices look like a network of tree houses perched on four meter stilts, but two staircases bring them back to ground level. One leads to an exterior picnic spot while another extends to a lobby area. As would be expected from a carpenter, the entire building is made from wood, including the framing, which we hope is sustainably sourced.

Given the overall site sensitivity – no structures were razed to accommodate the upgrade and the many trees were left untouched as well – we are confident that great effort was put towards sustainable construction. Indeed, the offices are left almost entirely in their natural state with very little artificial decoration, and plenty of daylight pours in thanks to the unique windows. Some of these are fixed, while others are flexible so that ventilation and lighting can be controlled. More than anything, we love that the woodwork is more art than architecture, and the way the buildings are connected like a jungle gym – lending a playful air to the program.

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