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Measuring just 12.5′ wide x 14.5′ long x 10.75′ tall, the cabin sits on its site like a stack of unassuming logs. Light is amplified within the small space through a full floor-to-ceiling double-pane window entrance, which can also be concealed by raising the deck and closing off the structure. Movable partitions, which hide the bathroom and kitchen areas, manage the space and keep the overall feel of the interior minimal and clean.

The cabin has been sustainably built, and the architects left the wood untreated. Photovoltaic panels provide the structure with off-grid power, and LED lighting fixtures adorn the interior for energy-efficient light. The cabin also utilizes a rainwater catchment system and carbon-based filters to treat the water for potability. All black water is stored in a separate tank. Fully insulated, the cabin is suitable for almost any site.

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