We’re great fans of Ryan Frank‘s work here at Inhabitat, and we can’t wait to get a firsthand glimpse of his new stackable Isabella stools at this month’s fast-approaching London Design Festival! The Isabella stool provides eco-ergonomic seating in addition to a sculptural storage solution inspired by hand-carved African designs. Rather than using the exotic hardwoods featured in traditional African seating, the innovative designer chose to work with 100% felted wool and ‘strawboard’ – a sustainable, formaldehyde-free material made entirely from compressed straw.

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Strawboard is a durable material that offers a sustainable alternative to plasterboard. Brands such as Invotek and Stramit helped to popularize the material, and now Frank‘s stacking Isabella stools stand as a perfect example of the material’s versatility.

Frank’s new work will be showcased along with the works of six other designers at Eco Age as part of the Alternative Sitting showcase during the London Design Festival. Founded last year by Italian-born brother and sister Nicola & Livia Giuggioli, Eco Age has received lots of positive press for its holistic approach to sustainable design. It also offers a green design consultancy service and plans to launch an online shop sometime in the near future.

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