Here’s an ingenious idea that blurs the boundaries between furniture design, graffitti and conceptual fine art. London designer Ryan Frank strategically places white boards at various points in east London and waits for illicit decoration to begin. Frank leaves boards out for weeks until they have sufficiently “matured” into colorful pieces of street art. Once the boards have matured, they are removed and transformed into these colorful mobile shelving units – juxtaposing street art with interior environment. For the collectors out there: every piece is a completely unique slice of “recycled” Hackney street art.

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Considering that I used to be a Hackney resident and I love collaborative process design like this – I can’t figure out why I didn’t rave over Ryan Frank’s Hackney Shelf last year when it was unveiled at 100% Design. Must have had my head buried in the books. In any case, a year after the fact (and a little late to the party I know) – I’ve decided that Ryan Frank is my new favorite designer. He will be exhibiting new work at several places during this year’s London Design Festival, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store…

Speaking of which, the London design festival just kicked off a couple days ago. Most of the big exhibitions start tonight and tomorrow, so if you are going to be in the area and you like design, its defintely worth making plans to try to see at least one show.

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