We recently showed you Ryosuke Fukusada‘s innovative and playful designs, which include wooden light bulbs and tiny cakes shaped like furniture; his recent project, Net Lamps, places efficient LED lamps as glowing orbs suspended within crocheted nets. Hanging Net Lamps combine elastic Poly-net knitted into a tight column, which, suspended from metal loops on the floor and ceiling, hold the lamp in mid-air as it softly illuminates the unusual surrounding fabric.

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The structure can be modified in length by just chopping its end part, adapting it to different ceiling heights and spaces. A graduate from the Domus Academy, Fukusada, a former consumer-electronics designer raised in Japan, currently works as a product designer for Patricia Urquiola. Based in the bustling city of Milan, he continues his own design practice.

+ Ryosuke Fukusada

Via Spoon and Tamago