Ryue Nishizawa, Nendo design studio, roof and mushrooms pavilion, Kyoto University of Art and Design pavilion, mushroom-shaped stools, hillside pavilion in Kyoto, handmade mushroom stools, Japanese plum tree grove on the hillside

Many of the stools take on the forms of wild mushrooms as they extend from the staircase balusters, wrap around columns, and interlock with one another. “We wanted to design architectural elements that would ‘grow’ naturally from the space, rather than to put furniture in a room,” explained the designers. Each of the stools was handmade and the fact that no two are alike adds to the site’s natural design.

The narrow columns that support the smooth timber roof are anchored into the ground in some places and fixed to the surface of a stone staircase in others. To enhance the site’s organic nature, the university plans to plant a grove of Japanese plum trees next to the pavilion. The design team commented that “Their fragrant early spring blossoms will only add to an already beautiful site.”

Nishizawa is best known as one half of architecture duo SANAA. According to the Nendo, many of Nishizawa’s buildings feel like bright, open and airy fields or gardens, with the furniture inside resembling wildflowers that blur the boundary between interior and exterior space while adding brightness and color. Their latest creation is no different.

+ Ryue Nishizawa

+ Nendo

Images courtesy of Nendo