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In keeping with Singapore’s “garden city” moniker, Terminal 4 will welcome visitors with large vertical green walls and lush gardens. Inside the impressive two-story glazed facade, colorful skylight lanterns will hang from the entrance hall and lead visitors to the ‘Central Galleria,’ a glazed open space located at the heart of the terminal. Boulevards of live, indoor trees will grow throughout the various waiting areas, and the entire building will be flooded by warm, natural light. Over in the departure lounge, Singapore’s cultural heritage will be represented in uniquely designed retail facades that mimic the style of old Peranakan architecture.

Terminal 4 will be the first terminal in Changi to use biometric technology such as iris scanners and fingerprint imaging, and self-service check-in and a bag-drop option will create a more seamless and efficient travel experience. The new terminal will also include a new walk-through retail concept where passengers pass through a spacious retail experience after clearing immigration.

“We believe in the concept that has embraced energy and motion; creating a dynamic yet timeless design in a welcoming environment,” says David Buffonge, Director at Benoy. “The terminal has been designed to provide visitors access to a new level of travel comfort outside their traditional airport experiences.” Changi airport’s Terminal 4 is slated to open in 2017 and expected to accommodate 16 million passengers a year.

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