Saab Automobiles will soon be debuting their brand new 9-3 ePower station wagon — one of their key pieces in an effort to build a green future for their company.  With a prototype of the 9-3 ePower set to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show later this month, this exciting reveal will quickly be followed up early next year with the release of a fleet of 70 vehicles for the roads of Sweden. In a period where compact passenger EV’s have been dominating the news, and hopefully the roads, it’s quite a thrill to see a more versatile, roomier wagon in action!

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The Saab 9-3 ePower will be the first electric wagon to hit the road, as well as Saab’s first attempt at an electric vehicle. The company’s latest calculations have pinned about 125 miles per charge, and the vehicle has been clocked to reach zero to 60 in about eight seconds. An what’s under the hood is also quite impressive — a 135 kW motor drives the front wheels with a single-speed transmission, and the company has affixed a 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack in the body to ensure that Saab’s proven balance will carry into their electric vehicle ventures.

By 2015, annual global sales of electric vehicles are expected to reach 500,000 units and Saab is determined to be represented in this important, growing segment,” said Jan Åke Jonsson, Saab Automobile’s CEO. “The 9-3 ePower program is our first step towards developing a potential production vehicle that will deliver the sort of advanced performance our customers expect,” he added. The car is expected to not only offer top performance, but also top environmental cred. The 9-3 ePower’s lithium-ion batteries were designed in partnership with Boston Power, and they are the first batteries to ever receive Nordic Ecolabel accreditation for ‘Environmental Safety’ and ‘Sustainability’, in both product and production.

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Via Autoblog Green