This year’s SAE World Congress in Detroit has gone green, honoring the design of electric vehicles such as the Chevy Volt and focusing on technologies that bring better efficiencies to new and existing vehicles. Everything was on the table this year, from alternative fuel advances to Ford’s EcoBoost down-sized, turbocharged, direct-injected engines, to lightweight and ultra-strong chassis designs, to new EV technologies and new transmissions to make better use of vehicles’ available power.

2011 Chevy Volt, Best Engineered Car AEI, SAE World Congress
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Highlights from the show include GM’s Chevy Volt being named this year’s best engineered vehicle by Automotive Engineering International, and the introduction of EcoCar 2, a three-year engineering challenge that introduces college engineering students to the real-life challenges of designing fuel-efficient cars for the future. SAE World Congress has also turned into something of a green job fair for automotive engineers, who are in demand once again as the industry pushes forward with new green designs.


Via AutoGreen Magazine, AEI Online, Detroit News

Photos courtesy GM Media Corp