Students from Turkey’s Sakarya University have unveiled a remarkable attempt at creating Europe’s most fuel efficient vehicle. The SAHİMO is a hydrogen powered vehicle that is capable of traveling 568 kilometers on 1 liter of fuel (about 353 miles on a quarter gallon). The students’ ultimate goal is to trek SAHİMO across 3,000 kilometers of the Australian Outback on just 3 liters of fuel in the inaugural 2009 Global Green Challenge. And you thought you were getting good mileage out of your Prius!

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The SAHİMO is truly a lightweight carbon fiber vehicle, weighting less than 110 kilograms. It won third most efficient vehicle at the 26th Shell Eco Marathon held in Europe. The designers hope to improve SAHİMO‘s performance, equipping it to reach a full 1,000 kilometers/per 1 liter of fuel, before participating in the Global Green Challenge in October.

This year marks the debut of the 2009 Global Green Challenge, an evolution of the World Solar Challenge competition in Australia, in which approximately twenty electric, hybrid, alternative fuel and low emission production and prototype vehicles will compete “in a test of durability and eco friendly performance, across an entire continent.” Just like the better known World Solar Challenge competition, vehicles will have to trek across 3,000 kilometers in the Australian desert.

The cost of development for the SAHİMO wasn’t cheap — amounting to $170,000. The team is looking for additional sponsorship to make the necessary improvements to achieve their goals. Not bad for a project that began as a simple homework assignment in 2003.


Via Today’s Zaman