Last winter, Sweden was blasted by the first storm in recorded history to ever deliver hurricane force winds, devastating the country’s valuable fir and pine forests. It’s been estimated that 75 million cubic meters of forest were destroyed, or about 150 million trees. Logging crews came from all over the world, comprising the largest logging operation ever. By working all day for nine months, the crews were able to salvage 75% of the felled trees. This massive collection of wood is now stored at a former air strip and has become quite a tourist attraction: stacked in rows over forty feet tall and several hundred feet long, the rows each amount to approximately 1,000,000 cubic meters of timber.

Millions of cubic feet of harvested timber have been donated to countries in Southeast Asia who were hit by the tsunami; an estimated 98% of the raw construction lumber used for rebuilding efforts in Thailand and Indonesia has come from Swedish timber!

Note: a friend recounted this story to us, and while we found it fascinating we have been unable to find other (English-written) sources. Please let us know if you have any additional information to offer us!