Have you ever wanted to put in a grass driveway, but you found yourself worried about ruining the grass every time the car pulls in and out of the garage? Salvaverde is an interlocking modular system that gives extra strength to lawns for parking and walkwaks. Made of recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the same stuff used for plastic milk bottles, Salvaverde can support huge loads up to 35 tons per a square foot without allowing any soil compaction. This means that rainwater will continue to filter into the ground naturally, the grass will keep growing and remains healthy, and you won’t be left with tire tracks, puddles, or mud.

The size of the cells in Salvaverde actually promotes grass growth in an even homogenous manner. The system can be filled with vegetation to support an entire lawn or with aggregate to support pathways. The module goes together in a manner of minutes and simply needs to be installed over a drainage layer of either gravel or stone. When used with grass or other vegetation, this super porous paving system minimizes the urban heat island effect, while allowing for natural filtration of rain and water runoff.

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