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The open-air art tower is located at the corner of Hayden Avenue and National Boulevard with the Expo light rail line literally at the foot of the structure across the street and within easy walking distance of two of the planned stations. Built to serve as the cultural hub and gateway to what will be the redeveloped zone of Conjunctive Points in Culver City, the Samitaur Tower could serve as important piece of architecture and example for future projects in the area. Additionally, thousands of people will see the 72 foot tower as the pass by either driving on I-10 or as they ride in on the light rail once it is completed.

Constructed from steel, concrete and glass, the tower is made up of 5 funnel-like platforms open to the outdoors and connected via an outdoor staircase and an internal elevator. The platforms are wrapped in a translucent acrylic material that serves as a projection screen to project high quality artistic images. At the bottom of the tower, two small open air amphitheaters, landscaped with drought tolerant native grasses will be available for community activities. Once the tower is finally open to the public, it will serve as cultural and community center, art gallery, and event center.

Images © Tom Bonner