Ever feel the need to escape the madness and get out of the city? If you can’t hightail it out of town, “Farming” by the Latvia-based firm Sampling offers another way to find respite. This collection of multi-purpose furniture is crocheted from flax-twine and set on birch legs. The humble and organic animal-inspired forms will transport you from urban chaos to a more tranquil and natural way of being.

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“Farming” and other Sampling works are made responsibly from sustainable materials and produced by hand, giving each piece its own unique identity and lowering the embodied energy and environmental impact of the collection. Beautifully simple, these pieces merely suggest associations with animals and nature, rather than stating it outright.

Sampling co-founders Liene Jakobsone and Manten Devriendt work in various scales, from large urban projects to smaller human-scale objects. Their experimentation with regional materials and techniques is important to their design process, allowing them to explore a new realm of possibilities. Sampling’s goal is to influence our perception of space, which they accomplish by maintaining a strong focus on the relationships between user, space and design.

“Farming” will be on show by De Invasie at Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Furniture Fair, from April 9-14, 2013. Pieces can be purchased directly from deinvasie.be.

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Photos courtesy of Sampling