Attention, residents of San Diego, California: keep an eye out for the launch of the largest interactive green energy lighting project in North America! The Port Commissioners and Caltrans just unveiled plans for a programmable LED light show on the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge that will be 100% powered by renewable energy.

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The light show, designed by Peter Fink, Mark Major, and Buro Happold, was selected by the Port Commissioners and Caltrans to be implemented on the bridge. All LEDs in the project will be powered by wind turbines. As part of the project, parapet lighting will reflect the direction, speed and intensity of vehicles traveling across the bridge. The lighting will also respond to passing ships, and a secondary layer of light on the bridge’s pillars will purportedly “provide the sense of urban connection between the two shores and celebrate the strong ties across the water body linking the communities of San Diego and the City of Coronado.” And of course, it will look pretty, too.

Via World Architecture News