San Francisco is known as the evergreen city with their composting, their hordes of EV charging stations and now word on the street is that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to ban toy giveaways in meals that don’t rate as nutritious — bye bye happy meals, hello healthier kids! What’s better is the board passed the ban in an 8-3 vote which means that even if Mayor Gavin Newsom would like to veto it, he can’t.

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The ban was sponsored by Supervisor Eric Mar and was hotly debated by Mayor Newsom who said that he doesn’t think the city can legislate their way “out of obesity.” Newsom said he doesn’t believe that government should step on the toes of companies while they are marketing their products. Though he maintained that he is an advocate of healthy eating, he just didn’t think that this was the way to promote it.

Nevertheless the Board of Supervisors has passed the ban which says that you can’t sell an “incentive item” with any food item that has excessive calories, sodium or fat — 3 things that Happy Meals definitely aren’t lacking in. We all know that half the reason kids want to eat a happy meal is for the happy toy that comes along with it and though we understand Newsom’s qualms, we think this might help with the problem. If Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me can be a catalyst for fast food chains bringing their normal meal down to “medium” size, then perhaps the San Francisco Board of Supervisors can be the catalyst for something huge — here’s to hoping!

Via San Francisco Weekly