Trouncing the competition when it comes to green living, San Francisco has received an additional $3.9 million to expand the number of electric car chargers in the city. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District approved the amount to be distributed as a rebate for residents who buy new electric cars, and the district is estimating that this move could fund up to 2,750 home chargers!

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The program is being paid for by a clean air vehicle program fund that collected money through California vehicle license fees. Three hundred public chargers will be added to the 400 chargers the district approved last year, and of the 300 chargers, 36 will be “fast charging” stations for drivers who need a quick boost to their cars.

“The electric vehicle’s time has come and its effectiveness as a means of improving air quality depends on a robust charging infrastructure,” Jack Broadbent, the district’s executive officer, said in a news release.

The home chargers will be installed within the next two or three months, while most of the public charging stations should be completed by the end of this year. A chunk of the funding was handed out to ECOtatility, who will lead the project. Last week ECOtatility tied up with Cisco technology so customers can control their electric car charging through their computers.

These Smart Meters will allow customers to control the times when their cars are being charged. Utility companies are hoping to get drivers to do most of their charging at night, when the load on the grid is at its lowest.


While most people will charge their cars at home, a robust public charging infrastructure will help make electric vehicles mainstream.