Most residents of San Francisco’s Mission District are aware of Mission Street Food, a restaurant-within-a restaurant that operates on Thursday and Saturday evenings inside a nondescript Chinese joint called Lung Shan. A new guest chef steps into the kitchen each time, and all proceeds are donated to charity. It’s been a raging success, and now Mission Street Food wants to go full-time.

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According to the Mission Street Food site, “We would like to open a full-time charitable restaurant. This restaurant would be here in the Mission, open daily, offering fine dining food at affordable prices, benefiting a changing roster of charitable organizations.

It’s an ambitious idea, and Mission Street Food claims to need 100 investors at $500 apiece to make it work. But if it works, the restaurant could generate between $40,000 and $90,000 each year for charity. And if the restaurant doesn’t open, all the investors get their money back. What do you think — does a full-time charitable restaurant funded by a co-op of investors have a chance?

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