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The SFPUC Headquarters are located in downtown San Francisco in a neighborhood dominated by civic buildings and just a block away from City Hall. KMD Architects was tasked with designing the greenest urban building in the country with a close connection to public transit, and a building that minimized natural resources and incorporated on-site renewable energy generation. Starting with the high performance curtain wall, the PUC minimizes heat gain while maximizing daylight. Photovoltaics on the roof and integrated wind turbines in the facade provide 7% of the building’s entire energy use. Overall, the combined energy efficient systems account for a total reduction of 61% compared to standard buildings.

The 13-story Class A office building helps the PUC achieve overall cost savings on leases as well as energy. Office spaces inside were carefully designed to allow natural daylighting in as well as provide a healthy and encouraging space for employees. Of particular note, the SFPUC Headquarters features a grey and black water recycling system, which is impressive for such a large building and will help pave the way for more systems of this type in future construction. The project team is seeking LEED Platinum certification and was recently named one of the Top Ten Green Projects of 2013 by AIA/COTE.

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