SANS is a groundbreaking new eco-fashion line based in NYC. Comprised of designer Lika Volkova and sustainable production veteran Alessandro De Vito, SANS pushes the envelope with innovative shapes in sustainable materials such as bamboo, tussah silk and organic cotton and wool. SANS may well be the perfect name for this line, as it is not only “without” the pesticides and chemicals that often go into traditional textiles, but also “without” the frills and the trappings of trends.

The modern design of SANS is a sophisticated investigation into form and function which is impressive at any level, but all the more so from someone whose formal training consists of growing up sewing. De Vito became more aware of sustainable design while living in London where he helped produce a friend’s streetwear label. He joined forces with Volkova after moving to New York and SANS was born. De Vito states, “Our thoughts on it is that ‘eco-friendly’ is not a marketing angle but just something that should be common in all lines at this level.” Therefore, while sustainably minded, they prefer to be recognized primarily for their design and construction. That recognition is on it’s way as SANS was awarded one of the five Ecco Domani Awards earlier this week. The awards come with a grant that will allow the designers to show their collections during New York’s fashion week.