With the Arctic Ice rapidly melting, Santa Claus is being forced to pick up and move his workshop. Letters addressed to the North Pole will need to be forwarded to his new address and Santa’s workshop is up for sale on Craigslist – or, at least, that’s the premise of the Greenpeace’s Santa Relocation Project, which seeks to draw attention to global warming and the melting Arctic using a playful global campaign.

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The Santa Relocation Project is part of the Greenpeace Save the Arctic project, which seeks to raise funds and draw attention to the political challenges and the environmental impact climate change is having on the Arctic. In order to draw attention to the campaign, Save the Arctic has changed their Facebook page and asked fans the question: Where should Santa relocate his workshop?

Individuals are getting involved in the campaign by posting new location suggestions for the workshop on the Facebook page, including Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, who invited Santa to come jam with him in his Brooklyn basement. Notices have been placed on Post Office boxes around the world, from New Zealand to London, to alert people that this may be the last year that letters posted to Santa in the North Pole will reach him.

The ultimate purpose of the campaign is to get children interested in climate change to help promote change. “[K]ids are absolutely crucial to the future of the Arctic. A few people have suggested that we shouldn’t talk about Santa because we’ll upset them. In fact, children are often more concerned about climate change than their parents, and more willing to do something about it,” says James Turner on the Greenpeace blog.

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