Internationally-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava has just unveiled his latest work — a sleek and sustainable “Museum of Tomorrow” planned for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Situated upon the currently barren Pier Maua, the “sustainably-focused” museum is part of a massive urban revitalization project launched by the city in preparation for the 2016 Olympic games. The elegant cantilevered structure was modeled after the surrounding landscape, and it features a transforming facade that allows it to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

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Green details on Calatrava‘s latest ouevre remain scant, so rest assured that we’ll be casting a critical eye upon the building as it completes its planning stages and begins construction. Speaking about the museum, Calatrava says “Brazil’s magical ambiance radiates through Rio de Janeiro’s rich past and cultural heritage, the vast forests, beautiful landscapes and most of all the spirit of the people . . . Rio de Janeiro has captured my imagination and through the expression of space and forms, I am excited to begin this journey.

As the city of Rio de Janeiro gears up for the upcoming Olympics we’re looking forward to the unveiling of many more architectural feats, and we can’t help but wonder if that giant energy-generating waterfall made the cut.

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All photos by Santiago Calatrava, LLC