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“Do we still have appetite for all this furniture?” ask Fukusada and Pereira in their description of Sapore dei Mobili, which means “Taste of Furniture”. The pair mold their delectable homegoods in a custom-made pan that is a mix between a traditional Japanese ‘baby castella’ cake maker and an object that makes a Portuguese egg-based pastry called ‘ovos moles’. The design duo came up with the idea when they put their heads and backgrounds together (Fukusada is Japanese and Pereira is Portuguese).

“You can create your eatable living room and paint your furniture cakes with your favorite jams and toppings,” explains the Sapore dei Mobili website. “In this way when the user gets full of his furniture he just eats it without creating disposals. And start all over again with a different recipe.” We love that these little cakes are a way for people to “get their fill” of furniture design without having to actually buy a bunch of new items.

If you’re in Milan, stop by Via Massimiano 6, 20134 to get your free furniture cake on.

+ Sapore dei Mobili

Photos by Alfredo Dante Vallesi