As more and more people move to thin laptops and sleek tablets, clunky old computer parts are quickly becoming relics of the past. We’ve seen artists find endless inspiration in these pieces, crafting robots from discarded circuit boards, upcycling old monitors into aquariums, and now, meticulously creating detailed wall art from computer keys. St. Louis-based artist Sarah Frost collects cast-off keyboards from everyone ranging from friends to small businesses to government offices, and uses the monochrome pieces to create pixelated displays of art that play with the eyes.

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Because the keys come from a variety of origins, each piece has a unique history and bears the imprints of thousands of taps from numerous users. We had the chance to see Frost’s work up close earlier this month at Miami Basel, where she exhibited two massive pieces, “Error Correct” and “Sign Off.” From a distance, the three-dimensional wall pieces look like abstract paintings, but closer examination reveals the varying topography, words and letters.

If you’re in NYC, swing by the James Hotel, where a permanent installation of Frost’s work can be found.

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