It’s great to see that recycled materials are now at the forefront of today’s modern product design, and at design festivals around the world, multitudes of innovativeeco-artists are enlightening festival visitors with their brilliant creations. Up-and-coming designers are showing us just how versatile recycled items can be, introducing us to the bright new world of revamping upcycled materials. Lamps created from salvaged items are growing in popularity, and with good cause: we could all use a bit more beautiful lighting in our lives.

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One eco artist who is delivering repurposed creations to the eco-craving masses is Sarah Turner. After graduating with a degree in Furniture and Product Design in 2008, Sarah wasted no time in making a name for herself on the modern stage of eco design. Already the recipient of manydesign awards, Sarah’s current line of lighting and decorative items shows the she’s only just beginning to light up the world with her stunning designs. (Too many lighting puns yet?)

Her lighting products are made from recovered waste products (mainly plastic bottles) collected from local cafes and households. Once collected, the bottles are cleaned and sandblasted. This process turns the normally transparent plastic to an opaque material, making it easier to sponge-dye by hand, resulting in amazingly vibrant colors. After much strategic cutting and sculpting, the end result is a collection of beautifully hand crafted lampsand various decorative items.

+ Sarah Turner