Those who know the sauna experience, really appreciate the sauna. Usually, this applies to those who find themselves in really, really cold climates.

Castor Canadensis, a Canadian design collective, has developed the Sauna Box, as they obviously know the sauna experience. This ?Design by Lumberjacks? is based on the utilitarian aspect of shipping containers: utility and portability rolled up in its own convenient modular package. While this is not the first time we?ve seen containers used for their inherent flexibility (see Push Button House and Cargotecture, to name only two) I?m pretty sure this is the first time we?ve seen one outfitted as a traditional sauna.

Intriguing, isn’t it?

While this particular container is not a true shipping container (it?s constructed of corten steel, well known for its sculptural properties and stable rust finish) it is still built to be transported to your custom site. For the heat source, a wood fired stove is built into the box and power is supplied by solar panels (good for when you are out in the wilderness and living off the grid.) Clever wood, stone, and ironwork can be added to customize the sauna while paying homage to nature?s surroundings (note the beaver-whittled stool.)

For more information, contact Castor Canadensis member Brian Richer at +1 416 994 1232 (their website is still in progress.)

+ Castor Canadensis
Via: MoCo Loco