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The 200,000 square foot facility houses the new Clinical and Translational Science Institute. The facility was designed to approach research in a new, collaborative way. By bringing together researchers and clinicians in close proximity to one another, the Saunders Research Building hopes to innovate research style by allowing different components of the research process to interact with and inspire one another.

Contrary to the no-windowed labs of the past, the Saunders is lined with large windows that flood the research environments with natural lighting. Open-plan interiors help to encourage this bright airy feeling, which also encourages co-working. Meeting rooms are enclosed in glass curtains, further making use of the ample daylight. More informal, open areas can also be used for meetings on each floor.

Research facilities are tough candidates for LEED certification, since much of the machinery used sucks up a lot of energy. The Saunders Research Building participates in various energy reduction measures, qualifying the facility for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority program for energy conservation. Cauffman has designed many LEED certified projects, including the LEED Silver Buffalo Life Sciences Complex.

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