Your mom may have reminded you daily to change your underwear, but sustainable apparel brand PACT is urging you to instead change the world with your underwear. In cahoots with everyone’s favorite celebrity designer, Yves Béhar, known for his iconic products like the Jawbone headset and Herman Miller LEAF Lamp, PACT has taken the unmentionables world by storm, launching three premium organic cotton underwear collections for men and women today. Everything that goes into making PACT boxers, briefs and panties has been thought out with sustainability and social responsibility in mind – if that’s not sexy, we don’t know what is.

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With the belief that commerce is a social movement and the motto: Change Starts With Your Underwear, the idea that people use their hard-earned dollars to vote for the change they want to see is at the core of PACT and Béhar’s brand. PACT has deep partnerships with nonprofit organizations that work to create social and environmental solutions, and each underwear collection is aligned with one of these causes. If you look closely at the undergarments, (preferably when they are not on someone else’s body, but that’s your choice), the garments have been treated as a canvas for striking graphic visualizations of each organization’s mission by internationally recognized artists and designers. 10 percent of each sale is given to support changemakers like 826 National, ForestEthics and Oceana.

“In building PACT, we re-thought everything about the way underwear is made and marketed,” said Behar. “We’re not doing anything artificial or superficial, not with the body, not with the packaging and not with our partnerships. Our vision is to unite fashion and design with doing good in an authentic way, building a company that truly embodies 21st century needs, showing a new way for businesses to operate in the future.”

pact underwear, yves behar, sustainable underwear, sustainable undergarments, green underwear, green panties

In terms of sustainability, PACT underwear is manufactured locally in Turkey with all processes occurring within a 100-mile radius. Every part of the supply chain is certified to or exceeds the highest possible environmental and social standards. Customers receive their undies in bright green compostable shipping bags, not boxes, and each pair is packaged in a reusable cloth bag made from scraps.

“Underwear is a necessity. So why not wear the most stylish, best fitting and sustainable pair possible and give back to organizations dedicated to positive change?” logicizes PACT CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Kibbey. We can’t think of a reason, can you?

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