Add this to your bucket list: getting your picture taken by an octopus. Yes, you read that right. An octopus named Rambo is now taking photographs of visitors from his tank at a New Zealand aquarium.

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Octopuses are, in fact, quite smart for their, well… body type. There are about 300 species that call tropical waters their home and they can change colors, squirt poison, exert a force greater than their own body weight, and, according to scientists, navigate through mazes, solve problems, and remember their solutions—at least for a little while, according to Scientific American.

If you consider learning something and being able to use the information you’ve learned intelligence, then, says Jennifer Mather, a comparative psychologist for the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, octopuses are smart.

These animals play, Mather continues, and play is something that intelligent animals do. When bored, an octopus will find things to do. For example, Mather and a colleague gave an octopus at the Seattle Aquarium an empty tank and a floating pill bottle to see what might happen. For a little while, nothing happened. Then later a couple of the animals started to play. An octopus “blew a jet of water at the pill bottle,” causing it to go over a water jet and back to the octopus. They did it over and over—like bouncing a ball.

Octopuses are also known for taking things apart. Because they are so strong, it is difficult to keep an octopus in a tank without giving it purpose. A famous story from the Brighton Aquarium in England says that 100 years ago, an octopus got out of its tank at night when no-one was watching. It went to the tank next door, ate one of the lumpfish, and then went back to his tank before anyone noticed. Apparently, this happened a few times before anyone figured it out.

That brings us back to Rambo. Sony teamed up with the aquarium in New Zealand to promote their water-resistant camera. According to trainers, it took Rambo only three tries to understand how to take a picture. “That’s faster than a dog,” the trainer said. “Actually, it’s faster than a human in some instances.” Via This Collosal

Images via Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium