Did you know that over 80 BILLION pairs of disposable chopsticks were thrown out worldwide last year? It might seem inconsequential to toss out that used pair of bamboo or wooden sticks after you’ve finished hoovering your take-out sushi, but if you think about how many other people are doing the same thing, every day, several times a day, around the globe… the numbers are staggering. In this modern era of eco-awareness, most people are aiming to reduce their garbage waste as much as possible, and litterless lunch options are among the best ways to do that. Penstix is a pair of eco-friendly chopsticks that tucks neatly into a pen, can be cleaned easily, and if cared for properly, can last a lifetime.

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Keeping this collapsible chopstick set in your purse, bag, or desk is an ideal way to eliminate a lot of waste. If you consider how many meals you end up eating at work, or even when out with friends, and how often the lot of you throw out your utensils when you’ve finished dining, these sticks could very well be the solution to a worldwide problem. You’ll be able to use your own utensils when you go out to dinner, and they’re as ideal for salad as they are for noodles. They’re lightweight, which makes them ideal for taking on backpacking trips, and pop together in about 12 seconds flat so your food won’t get cold while you’re setting up. 

Penstix come in a few different colors, and you can also have the option of getting one with a stylus tip to use with your touchscreens.

Their Indiegogo campaign was launched yesterday, so if you’d like to support the project (and score some fabulous Penstix of your own), just follow the links below!

+ Penstix Indiegogo

+ Yuan Design

+ Penstix on Facebook

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