We’re happy to see more news out there lately on flying cars of various forms. The newest one, Burt Rutan’s BiPod flying car for Scaled Composites, is a roadable aircraft with removable wings, two cockpits, and a range-extended electric motor just like the Chevy Volt. Unlike the Chevy Volt, the BiPod gets two of everything: dual engines, dual motors, and dual lithium ion battery packs, which give the vehicle a total flying range of 760 miles, a driving range of 820 miles, and a top speed of 200 miles per hour.

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Photos courtesy of Scaled Composites

The BiPod also has dual cockpits, one for flying and one for driving on the road. This allegedly keeps navigation simpler, but we think it sounds a little complicated to have two steering wheels, two sets of instruments, and so on. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see this little plane in action. The driver can remove the wings for driving or parking the aircraft, and the vehicle is small enough to be stored in a standard garage. Will flying cars like the BiPod become the next shiny toy for successful businessmen or novelty collector’s items for transportation history museums? We don’t know, but we hope they keep making them, and making them unique.

+ Scaled Composites

Via Smart Planet