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The Bicymple isn’t the first attempt to reinvent the bicycle we’ve seen; just a few weeks ago we discovered the Fliz bike, a pedal-less bike based on the concept of a velocipede. And while it’s easy to dismiss the Fliz concept as impractical, experimental design, the Bicymple appears to be both unique and highly functional. “More than just a stylish concept bike, the bicymple is comfortable, easy to ride, and brilliantly simple to maintain,” writes Scalyfish Designs. “The lightweight design and short wheelbase make for a nimble ride. The optional rear-steer mode is remniscent of custom ‘swing bikes’ and allows tighter turns and ‘crab-riding.'”

As the designers point out, moving the wheels closer together would make the Bicymple for city dwellers to store. And as anyone with a fixed-gear or single-speed bike will attest, the fewer components a bike has the easier it is to maintain; removing the chain takes away yet another thing that can break. The Bicymple is still in development, and Scalyfish working on production and distribution models. And so far a price for the bike hasn’t been released.

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