Concept vehicles serve the useful purpose of showing us new ideas and charting a path towards the future of transportation. Similar to MIT’s Stackable Car concept, the streamlined Scarab is an ultra-compact electric concept vehicle that is able to transform from a flat shape for speed driving to an inclined state for space-conscious urban travel. Designed by David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves, the Scarab shows how a new type of vehicle could change the systems of transportation that we currently use.

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The Scarab is designed to be powered by a main energy pack (i.e. battery), biofuels or fuel cells. The vehicle is packed to the gills with all sorts of radar and laser sensors to detect pedestrians and vehicles, and even features a wireless modem. This will allow the vehicle to detect upcoming traffic conditions miles down the road. The cars can be customized via its numerous components and is suited for private use, although ideally there would be a certain amount of mixed ownership, with both public and rental models available.

+ David Gonçalves

Via Yanko Design