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For the Schacht Center, the architects wanted to shatter norms associated with mental health facilities, instead creating a place where all could feel welcome regardless of their issues. Positioned on a campus piazza, the center faces other scholastic buildings, a performance art center, and a gym. The nearby gym is thought of as an extension of the Schacht Center, tying in improved mental health with physical fitness.

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The building’s glass façade gives visitors pristine views of the hills and river that surround the Smith College campus, as well as a visual connection to the gym. The glass also acts as a literal connection between students and the facility, creating a transparency that invites the student body to drop by without judgment. The students input and opinions were greatly considered during the design process in order to create this atmosphere.

The resulting health and wellness center is accessible and centrally located between campus and its residential neighborhood, encouraging students to seek help when needed.

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