Schwinn’s new CycleNav Smart Bike Navigator helps riders navigate unfamiliar areas safely and simply. The handlebar mounted device connects to a smart phone via Bluetooth, and gives riders audible audio commands and light indicators to take the guesswork out of finding a destination. The hands-free device displayed at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas allows riders to pay attention to the road, instead of staring at a phone, and only costs $60.

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Trying to pay attention to the road, your bike and the directions on your smart phone while navigating a new route can be dangerous. Navigation apps are great on foot or in the car, but can cause distraction when cycling. Schwinn‘s CycleNav lets users focus on their riding, while receiving the same useful directions from their phones.

Unlike the speaker on a smart phone, CycleNav is audible enough to hear over traffic or while cycling without the need for headphones, which can be unsafe when riding. Linked to your smart phone with Bluetooth, the CycleNav app allows users to type in their destination and calls them out throughout the journey. Missed directions can be repeated by punching a large button on the device. CycleNav also has flash turn indicators that alert riders to upcoming directional changes.

As an added bonus, the device also saves the route, as well as takes count of calories burned, both of which are shareable on social media. The CycleNav not only helps bicyclists get to where they need to go, but also rings in as another safety device for being smart on the road.

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