Cheese is often one of the most difficult foods for a new vegan to give up, and might also be one of the culinary delights that keeps some people from pursuing a plant-based diet. There are countless cheeses that delight palates around the globe, and many a veggie-vore convert has been wooed back to eating dairy by their favorite sharp cheddar or creamy camembert. Well, For all of you cheese-missing vegans (and lactose-intolerant folks too), there’s some fabulous news: a group of scientists has developed a process to create Real Vegan Cheese from a yeast-based, non-animal-derived milk protein – and they just launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring it to market!

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Real Vegan Cheese isn’t a cheese substitute like so many others out there: it’s actual, mouth-watering, delicious real cheese created via the same techniques used to make dairy-based cheeses. The team of molecular biologists who came up with this brilliance bio-engineered regular baker’s yeast to make milk proteins known as caseins. These caseins then get blended together with vegan sugar, oil, and water, to brew up a non-animal-derived milk that can be transformed into cheese by standard, time-tested methods.

This vegan cheese contains no GMOs and no animal products whatsoever. It’s a healthier, more ethical, and environmentally responsible food than current dairy-based cheeses, and the best part? You can make your own version at home! The folks at Real Vegan Cheese will be releasing all of their researchinto the public domain under free and open license.

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The goal of Real Vegan Cheese’s Indiegogo campaign is to scale up “from milligrams to kilograms”, so they can produce their product in the most effective, food-safe, and economical way possible. A donation of $75 will get you a biohacker kit so you can get started on making your own vegan cheese at home before their trade secrets hit the public domain, and the more funds they raise, the more amazing vegan cheesiness they’ll be able to share with the world.

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